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HixMedia’s Hundred

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

The first video I ever made was a love story about recycling. The campus bottle banks were tucked away behind a fence and most people didn’t seem to know they existed. When you’re used to recycling at home, seeing everything going into the same bin just doesn’t feel right, and I came up with the idea of creating Love Recycling that would show everyone where to go.

Something about it must have struck a chord with people because it’s now had over 15,000 views. The excitement of seeing how many people my message had reached and the fun we had making it spurred me on to make more videos. I made Gangster Recycling, The Sweaty Penguin and The Angry Penguin.

My video skills helped me get a job for an energy saving campaign called Student Switch Off. I made a series starring the Eco Power Ranger, which was my boss dressed in a green lycra suit he’d bought at I couldn’t believe how willing he was to dress up and prance around in front of the camera. I guess he was just very committed to the cause.

A few months after I started I was asked by one of my bosses friends how much I would charge to make his organisation a video. I ended up doing five or six projects for them on the side of my Student Switch Off job. I really enjoyed the work and it paid well, so I decided to do film making full-time and handed in my notice. Thankfully, my boss was very supportive.

The first six months were quite tough, and I began to question if my new venture was going to work. I realised that I just needed to get out there and meet more people. A friend recommended The Hub Islington, a shared work space for social enterprises. It felt like a bit of a risk signing up and paying the membership, but it more than paid for itself as I quickly found several new clients. Not only that but it’s a really fun, sociable place to work and is full of people doing interesting projects. I also started putting on video training courses at The Hub, teaching people how to film and edit.

Within a year of working there I found I didn’t have to look for clients anymore, people kept contacting me. I bought a better quality camera and sound equipment and started to provide more input at the start of projects. I began to discuss with clients why they wanted a video rather than just turning up and filming. I found it helped them feel a lot clearer about how a video was going to help with their overall objectives and I enjoyed the strategic thinking.

I’ve now done a hundred projects as HixMedia in the two and half years that I’ve been running the company. I’m going to be sharing some of the insights I’ve learned about how organisations can best use video at a free event at The Hub Westminster on 20th February. If you’d like to come then you can book a place through eventbrite. Space is limited!