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How I Met Jon Snow and Desmond Tutu in the Same Week

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

When I first set up the blog on the HixMedia website I didn’t have much to put on it because I didn’t have much work, and what work I did have wasn’t really worth talking about. I decided to post links to viral videos that I thought were clever or funny, as a way a drawing attention to the site. Understandably, a lot of people thought I was posting the videos because I’d made them, on occasion applauding me for work that was in fact produced by Pixar. After a while I stopped posting.

However, meeting Jon Snow and Desmond Tutu in the same week had persuaded me that I do have enough to say to write a regular blog.

Yesterday I got this rather cheeky photo of me and ‘Arch’ as apparently he’s known to his friends. We were both at an event organized by The Funding Network (TFN) to get people to pledge volunteering time for Nelson Mandela day.

TFN invited me to the event after I made a video for their 10th Anniversary, which is how I met Jon Snow. He’s the patron of the charity, and I suggested that we could get him to do the intro and outro to their 10th Anniversary video in the style of a news item.

The charity got in touch with him, and he was more than happy to help. Myself and Sonal Shenai from the Funding Network went to the ITN studios last week. I arrived with my Brompton and Jon offered to carry my bag for me. Legend!

We fed the script into the auto-cue and he nailed it in about ten minutes. What a hero. Here’s the result.